Field and Stream Bladed 80 Review – What Are The Main Features?

The Field and Stream blade is a well known manufacturer of high quality garden tools. Recently however, the company has released some new models that will greatly improve the quality of any garden tool you may already have. The new blades offer a more comprehensive selection of features than ever before and feature a sturdier construction than their older models. I took some time to review this brand new line of garden and landscape tools, and here is my Field and Stream 80 review.

The most important and useful feature found on this new line of tools is the fact that the blades are made from a more rigid material. With the old model, the blades were often subject to cracking at the seams, this often lead to improper cutting of the turf resulting in uneven or patchy lawn coverage. With the newer blades though, the seams are much more tightly sealed and no matter what the weather conditions are, you can be sure that your lawn is going to look great every time you take it down. This is also a big deal because you don’t want to have to wait for the weather to get warm just so you can use your lawn mower.

The handles on these tools are also a huge improvement over previous models. Previous models had plastic grips which weren’t very comfortable for most people and required a lot of wrist action in order to hold onto them. The new handles on Field and Stream blades are much more ergonomic, making them a pleasure to hold and use for hours on end. The design of the handles is also a big improvement. There are now many different handle designs available on the Field and Stream blade, allowing users to switch out their handle design easily with each season.