Ronco Six Star Plus Cutlery 25 Piece Set

This 25-piece Ronco Six Star Plus Cutlery Set includes everything you need for gourmet and everyday cooking. This set is made with superior high carbon stainless steel, features a triple riveted full tang, and has impact-resistant black handles. In addition to the knives, the set also includes the necessary accessories. The knives are guaranteed to stay sharp for life. The high-carbon steel used to make these blades is extremely durable and is highly recommended for daily use.

These knives are also dishwasher safe and have impact-resistant handles. If you were to buy each piece separately, the set would cost nearly $850. This knife set will cover all your home knife needs with superior quality and durability. This is a set you will love and enjoy for years to come. It is ideal for all types of cutting tasks and comes with a lifetime guarantee. The blades and handles are extremely durable, and you can be sure you will never lose them.

This set is made from top-grade high carbon stainless steel. You can’t find knives of this quality for less than $850! The full set of knives in this set are dishwasher safe, and each knife has impact-resistant handles. The knife set also comes with a lifetime warranty from Ronco, which would otherwise cost you $850. This set includes everything you need for home cooking, including a bread knife and a serrated utility knife.