Which Pocket Knife Brands Is the Best?

Pocket knives are probably the most popular type of knife in the world. Almost everyone owns at least one, and they come in all different designs, shapes, sizes, styles, etc. Which makes it difficult to choose a pocket knife for yourself! In order to help you out, here are some criteria to look at when choosing a pocket knife. These criteria will help you decide what type of knife is best for your needs.

If you are going by the most common Pocket Knife Brand in your area (based on how many questions I have been asked about it), the most popular ones are Sheehan, W.R. Case, and Gerber. Under this classification, a fixed blade would be a pocket knife if it were small enough to fit in your pocket. As far as I know, there are currently no other brands which only make pocket knives exclusively. Most other brands (especially the better ones) specialize in larger, more general-purpose fixed blades.

The second most popular pocket knife brand is W.R. Case. Most people probably think of Case Knives when they think of pocket knives. Case manufacture a lot more than just pocket knives though. There are a lot of tools and equipment which use Case Knives such as; screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, and so on. Case also makes cases for these tools and equipment which allow the owner to carry more than one pocket knife with them.

The third most popular pocket knife brands are Sheehan and Gerber. Although Sheehan and Gerber do not make as much money as Case or W.R. Case, both are still very popular pocket knife brands. Both of them are also extremely good makers of durable, high quality knives that many people find attractive. If you want to own a knife that is both strong and good quality, then Sheehan and Gerber knives may be exactly what you are looking for.

The fourth most popular pocket knife brands are Hampton Bay and W.R. Case. While there seems to be some confusion about the names of these makers, they are both well known knife brands in the market today. One thing that you must keep in mind about these two knife brands, however, is that they make different kinds of knives. For example, while both make very good pocket knives, they also make other types of tools like pliers and even pocket mirrors.

The best pocket knife brands are the ones that you really enjoy carrying around and using. Some people choose one of the best brand names because they really like the way it feels in their hand. Others opt for the brand name because it is convenient to find in a local hardware store or on the Internet. Regardless of why you choose a specific brand, however, always take into account how strong it is and how comfortable it is to carry.