Where Are Coast Knives Made?

Coast Knives’ history dates back to 1919 when David Brands, a young entrepreneur, spotted a need for a pocket knife with LED lights. He contacted a steel fabricator and the company was born. Today, LED lights are a large portion of the company’s business, making them an integral part of any outdoor enthusiast’s kitchen. In fact, LED knives have been selling for more than 200,000 units, and the company does not disclose financial figures, but the trend is clear: the LED light pocket knife has become a global hit.

In addition to providing a high-quality cutting edge, coast knives are lightweight, durable, and easy to sharpen. The handle is composed of a nylon composite and fiberglass, making it easy to handle. The blade is also made from 7Cr17 steel, which is rust- and stain-free. These qualities help keep the knife safe from accidents and are one of the reasons why Coast knives come with a lifetime guarantee.

The Coast knife has a steel blade with a durable, yet lightweight poly-nylon handle. A nylon-filled fiberglass handle provides strength and durability, and two thumb studs provide better control. The handles are also durable, and the blade is designed to be easily opened and closed with one hand. This knife is easy to use and comes with a pocket clip. Unlike other knives, this knife can be sharpened by anyone, whether you’re a beginner or an expert.