Where Are Coast Knives Made?

The question of where are coast knives made has become a trend over the past few years. While the world is awash with high-end designer handbags, cutting-edge knives, and other kitchen gadgets, it’s still unclear where these items are actually manufactured. Fortunately, you can find out by visiting the web site of coast knives. While most knives are manufactured in China, this is not the case for every brand.

The first knives produced by Coast Products were sold as souvenirs in stores, but the company soon began selling them as a means of generating profits. The company’s history dates back to 1919, when Henry Brands, a hardware salesman in the Pacific Northwest, needed a sharper knife to fillet salmon. In order to provide the tools fishermen needed, COAST returned to Portland and redesigned the knife, adding a metal cleaning scoop to its handle. Since then, this small product has become a worldwide phenomenon.

When it comes to making coast knives, the company focuses on quality and safety. The company’s knife line uses 7Cr17 steel for its blades, and their handles are made of high-density polymer (PVC) for increased durability. They are also stain- and rust-free. These features make it the perfect kitchen tool. The knives are also highly functional, and can be used for any purpose you might have in mind.