What Makes Custom Knives So Popular?

Do you know what custom knife makers do? Do you care? Knife makers use their knowledge, craftsmanship and expertise to take a normal knife design and make it into something unique, fun and useful. Custom knife makers are plentiful online, so it is no wonder that there are so many options available. As you will discover, there are literally dozens of custom knife makers available and they don’t all have a set price or a base price to work from, they begin everything from scratch on your custom knife.

Let’s say you want a knife with a sawback, but you’re not really the type of person who enjoys hunting or collecting knives. You could visit one of the custom knife makers online and explain your tastes to them. If they feel comfortable working with you on your custom knives, they might suggest something you would love, like a hunting knife with a sawback. They would cut it out and then make it just for you and put your name on it, giving it your personal touch.

Some custom knife makers are even more original than just making things for people. For example, if you happen to like collecting military weaponry you might find yourself browsing through one of these custom knife makers websites. If they don’t have anything in store for you in that niche, they may still be able to steer you in the right direction. For example, if you happen to be interested in German M1 Garands, a maker of German war knives might be able to steer you toward something a little more authentic than just a traditional army knife.

Now, let’s look at some more popular custom knife makers and how they choose their designs. Many of the more popular makers choose a plain, functional design, but there are others who go all out. For example, some choose to make a fully lined, stainless steel knife with a domed blade, covered in satin linings and topped with a copper hilt. Others will create a hunting knife that is similar to the blades used by desert specialists (think Elvis).

There are also other designs that you will run across when you do an online search for custom knife makers. For example, some will create full-length folding knives that look quite similar to a samurai sword. Then, there are others who will only produce a few styles, such as those that were created specifically for use in the Philippines. Still others will design a folding knife that has a flat blade and a stiletto heel. The bottom line is that there is a custom knife maker out there for you if you know where to look.

But, as with anything else, not all custom knives are created equal. The better ones will use satin or high quality, professional-grade blades. They will be made of durable carbon or stainless steel and will come with a professionally designed sheath. A good maker will have created a blade that is one inch to three inches long. When you consider the many different styles, shapes and sizes, it becomes clear why custom knives are so popular.