The Right Fishing Gear to Catch More Fish


Most anglers prepare their tackle before they go fishing, that is a very important fact about fishing gear. It does not matter if you have got the best equipment or not but if you use it incorrectly you wont be so successful at catching fish. Here are some more tips on fishing to help you get going.

Fishing gear

In order to make sure that you catch fish you need to keep your kit is balanced. for example you don’t use a fly fishing rod for sea fishing. Most beginners fall in to this trap and use the wrong equipment.

Here are some more fishing tips on the equipment you will need

Fishing rod –

To enjoy fishing you must have a good fishing rod, most good anglers catch bigger fish with a good quality rod than a cheap rod. I’m not trying to get you to buy an expensive rod but believe me it is worth it if you what to catch bigger fish.

There are many types of fishing rods, e.g. spinning rod, boat rod and beach rods, a spinning is more flexible than the other rods but the boat rod is much stronger and shorter. A beach rod on the other hand is usually from 10 feet and up to 16 feet and more so that you can get a bit further and you can use the power from the rod to get over the waves

Fishing line’s

There are so many types of line a valuable. it is hard for a beginner to pick the right line for their particular type of fishing e.g. sea fishing,carp fishing or fly fishing and each one uses a different type of line. most tackle shops will give you advice about what line to pick. The two main types of line is braid and mono filament often shorten to (mono). The braid is often made from

The leader

The leader is a piece of line connecting rig/ end tackle with your main line it has to be chosen very carefully as it is stronger than the main line. It might be thicker than the main line and as it is thicker it might interfere with your casting. There are many types of colors for leader e.g. red,blue,orange and clear.

Fishing flys and lures

The tiniest flys are usually size 18 to 20 up to number -2 hook or larger, so if the fly or lure is heavy you need more wind behind you. Because of this you will probably need heavier gear to be able to cast further. If you haven’t got the heavy gear use more power to cast

Reels –

The two main types of fishing Reel are: center spool and multiplier,all a Reel does is hold your line, usually a minimum of 30 yards or so. Multipliers are usually used for boat or beach fishing although you can use centre spool reels too however most centre spools are used for spinning or river fishing.

If you what more tips on fishing gear then visit my blog where you will find more information and products to help you fish better and ultimately catch more fish.