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Competitions for Throwing Knives

While not the most well known sport in the world, knife throwing does have its fans and followers. In fact, knife throwing is so popular that competitions have been launched to celebrate the rich heritage of knife throwing.

jack ripper throwing knives

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Throwing knives has a deep culture and history? Yes it does and it dates back many hundreds of years.

Knife throwing is something most people see only in the movies. Frequently, those with skills at throwing knives are action movie heroes and, sometimes, the villains. This cinematic presentation is not all that far removed from our historical past. In prior centuries, the art of throwing knives was needed to survive on the battlefield.

Today, knife throwing is really not a combative art. Instead, it is a competitive one. There are those that have invested a great deal of their leisure time learning to throw knives. They do so to preserve the rich, cultural heritage of knife throwing. Some have become so skilled at throwing knives that they wish to test their skills. This is where the development of knife throwing competitions comes into play.

There are scores of these competitions throughout the world and those that excel at such competitions truly are marvels to behold.

The way competitions for throwing knives are organized is not all that different from the traditional way firearms or archery competitions are devised. Basically, you will throw a specified type of knife at a bullseye target. Points will be awarded in amounts dependent upon where the knife lands when it hits the target. The distance in which the knife is thrown further will add to the difficulty in hitting the target.

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There are other ways such a competition can be made more difficult depending upon how experimental the promoter wishes to be. Hazards and traps can be set up to make clear access to the target more challenging. Moving targets can be employed to further expand the difficulty level. Even combative obstacle courses can be added to the mix in a manner no different than a paintball game. Really, there is quite a bit of creativity to be found in the arena of knife throwing competition.

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In general, throwing knives for competition will follow a static process where a knife will be thrown within a lane.

Under certain governing bodies, a set number of knives will be thrown in a series of rounds. Each of these rounds will revolve around the knives be thrown at predetermined distances.

The target that the knives will be thrown at must be a regulation target as determined by the governing body promoting the events.

Tournaments can feature both professional and amateur competitors. Both divisions, regardless of the disparity of skill, can prove to be highly exciting to watch. An exciting match is an exciting match regardless of whether or not it is a professional or amateur event. So, if you are a spectator looking for an interesting event, competitions for throwing knives might prove to be well worth looking into.