4 Secrets to Buying Good Pocket Knives

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Quick Steps to Buying Good Pocket Knives Every-time

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What is the secret to buying good pocket knives?. How do we tell the good from the bad and the cheap crap from the expensive crap? Sometimes we get carried away by brand names or expensive stuff. We tend to think that all knives that are expensive have to be good or they wouldn’t cost that much. I have a wake-up call for you my friend, “all that glitters is not gold”. Ask yourself this question, “How many times have I spent loads of money on an item that turned out to be total crap?” I certainly have done it and I am sure you have. Or better yet, “when last have you spent loads of cash on what you though were good folding knives from one of the famous knives brands only to be very dissapointed”. I rest my case.

Yeah I have been there and done that. Truth be told I have a quick formula that I apply when I want to get the best pocket knife out there or just simply a reasonable quality one for my money. And don’t be fooled by for sale signs at hardware stores or online, don’t buy it because it is on sale. Before letting you in on my secret to buying a really good blade and not an average one, take a look at my comparison chart on the best pocket knives.

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Here is my secret:
I always go to a knife forum that have people who know what they are talking about to get information on a particular knife I am interested in. For example if I want to purchase one for self defence, I would go to Google.com and type in “good pocket knives for self defence forum”. This should give me back some results on the most relevant place where folds into that sort of thing hang out. Their recommendations and comments are sure to be spot on.

Likewise, if I want to buy a knife for whittling, I would do the same thing. Again go to Google.com, type in “good pocket knives for whittling forum” and got to the forum Google suggest.This is a super easy way to get a quality blade. I would also do the same sort of search on Youtube but leaving out the word “forum” of course. Tha way you actually get to see the knives being used and explained.

My other secret method is to go to knife brands websites and get some information on what I am looking for. Suppose I am Kershaw knives logointerested in Kershaw knives, I would go to their site Kershaw.com and check out what they have on offer. This way you get to see all the specifications, such as blade type, handle material, weight and length.

However, most of the time you would need to purchase from somewhere else, although some brands manufacturers allow you to purchase directly from them. Take note that reviews and recommendations on these sites are usually biased.

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My last but by no means least secret method is to go to a popular website which has the knives for sale at a good price and buy. By popular I mean that the site must be established so that I know that my credit card information is safe, there must be customer reviews from actual persons who bought the product, free shipping and there must be great after sale support. When I find such a site I usually stick with it.

So in closing I will say in a nutshell to find good pocket knives do this;

1. search knife forums
2. search Youtube
3. search brand manufacturer sites
4. buy from established reputable site

Leatherman Crater c33Tx Combo Straight-Serrated Blade Knife

Following those four steps above will definitely assist you in getting hold of some good tactical knives if you are in the protective services and need something more tactical or professional.

Likewise as an individual using your knife as EDC (every day carry), those tips above will definitely help. If you are a survival enthusiast and into hunting or the outdoors, some good hunting knives can be had by following the steps as listed above. So happy knife hunting.


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