Buying Chicken Coop Kits Tips

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Before enjoying the advantages of good chicken coop kits, it is very important that you carefully choose kits that would enhance chicken egg production. After all that is the main motive behind setting up a chicken coop. Indeed the excitement that comes with receiving freshly laid eggs from your backyard is rendered simpler with kits.


Maybe you have never bought or built a coop before so you would not have enough knowledge about the things to consider when choosing to buy one. In these modern times most of the coop kits have already been 80% put together upon arrival. You should therefore be able to build it within a few hours. The tools to use may even be found in your garage and include a screwdriver, hammer, saw and measuring tape.

These days some coop kits give you the option of moving it around your backyard. Depending on whether you want it stationery or mobile your need would easily be met.

Cleaning and proper maintenance are some of the key ingredients of owning a coop. There should be a regular cleaning procedure. So be on the lookout for defective designs and bad craftsmanship which may hinder your cleaning duty. You would need to find out if the floor is slightly sloped, which makes it very easy to hose out coop therefore allowing the water to run out of the coop instead of remaining inside. The floor must always be sloped downward toward the entrance.
Chicken coop kits for sale
Another thing to consider in selecting a kit is the presence of good ventilation.

In order to increase the quality of air in the coop you could possibly invest in some sliding windows and a door.

This keeps the chickens healthy and secure. In addition to this there should also be a thick wire mesh around the coop which goes deep into the ground. Ensure that the mesh is made of quality material which cannot be easily chewed or destroyed. It guards against intruders and stray animals from passing under the mesh.

A good lightning system always accompanies quality coop designs. Preferably there should be an electric light which is not only good for the chickens but provides a source of heat when the weather is cold. Believe you me there is no way you would want the chickens to remain in darkness during the night.

Last but not least all good chicken coop kits have enough space for your chicken to wonder freely. All other things being equal, expect your chicken to produce about five eggs every seven or eight days. You therefore need to order the kit that is sized enough to accommodate the number of chickens you plan to raise and supply your eggs.