How to Throw a Kitchen Knife

If you want to learn how to throw a kitchen knife, you will need to master the proper technique. It should be a confident action. When throwing a knife, you should hold it horizontally, pointing toward your target. Follow through with your left foot, keeping the tip pointing forward. It will take a few practice throws to become an expert, but this basic technique will give you the confidence to throw the knife accurately and safely.

Once you feel confident with your knife throwing technique, you can try it out in public. Make sure that you have a spectator nearby, and practice a few times. The best way to improve your throw is to study the techniques before trying it out on others. Use the right grip, stance, and technique to ensure that you have the greatest chance of success. Depending on your strength and arm speed, you may also want to carry a file and tweezers to remove burrs or splinters. You should also keep a cloth handy to wipe your hands.

The key to throwing a knife is to use the right hand. Use your right hand and point it upward, as if making a chop. Release the knife by pulling your wrist back, like when you’re making a chop. This throw is very accurate and safe and requires no wrist twisting. There are some key differences between balanced knives and handle-heavy knives. Once you master the techniques, you should be able to successfully throw a kitchen-knife.