Chicken Coop Plans – Build a Perfect Chicken Coop With Ease

So why build your own chicken coop? Personally, I think it’s a fun hobby/sport/business that can really improve your backyard chicken business. How many weekends do you typically spend at the chicken feeder?

Small chicken coop plans to create a housing for your chickens is so much fun, especially built by someone who knows how to make small coops, plus know when need a second one, have all the skill set to make it easy. There are so many questions about what chicken coop plans are to keep your chickens safe, what small chicken coop plans are, and how much you should pay for your chicken coop (sometimes you don’t even need to spend that much). Most people don’t really know how or where to get started. Here are some tips:

You’ll want to build your chicken coop plans with lots of open spaces for your chickens to live in. Chickens are very sociable animals, they like to live in groups, or flocks, so nesting boxes that are large enough to accommodate all your nesting boxes, along with enough space in-between each nesting box to allow air circulation are must. Your chicken coop plans will also have plenty of space beneath your house for extra food supplies and watering.

Ventilation is another key element to your coop. It needs to be kept clean and fresh. It’s usually pretty easy to clean out your ventilation system in your shed, or maybe in a garage. But if you’re building a larger coop for an extraordinary amount of eggs, or a flock that needs that extra airflow, then you may need more than a simple set of vent fans to give them air.

For ventilation, you’re going to need a water and water holder. You can purchase or make both of these things relatively cheaply. And, you’ll want easy access to them, so the birds can use them easily when necessary. A door is good, but a screen door that’s slanted is even better. The last thing you want to do is let fresh chicken poop fall through the roof onto your property, so that is one of the reasons why ventilation and water are so important.

Chicken coops vary in size depending on how many chickens you are raising and how much room you have. Typically a three chicken coop takes up about a square foot of space. This may vary slightly depending on what materials you decide to use. If you have limited space and need a smaller coop, you can use a square foot coop. This will allow you to keep the same number of chickens in the same area, but they will be in smaller areas.