A Spear Point Vs a Drop Point

When comparing spear point vs drop point knives, it’s important first to define what a spear point or drop point knife is. This is a common term used by many gunners and other martial artists to describe the flat point of a broadhead bullet. Unlike other style of knives, spear points have a raised “point” on the blade with a broader “base.” Drop points, by comparison, have a more even and ribbed surface which allows for the insertion of hand grenades, RPGs, and other military tools.

In addition to the surface differences, there are also significant weight differences between spear point and drop point. A two ounce speargun will hold one-fifth of an ounce of ammunition, a one ounce drop point will hold half a pound of ammunition, and a full two ounces of a spear point will hold four pounds. This weight difference alone can make a huge difference in the way you handle your weapon. If you’re used to using a larger weapon that has a larger point, you’ll find that the tactical switch to a smaller and lighter speargun can be very noticeable at first. It may even be difficult to draw and aim when using the heavier weapon.

At the same time, many beginning spear athletes try to use the larger weapons without realizing the weight difference between the spear point and a drop point can actually make a significant difference in your performance. Many experienced spear throwers prefer to use a spear point because it allows for greater speed and a greater distance to their throw. The problem with this is that heavier weapons tend to have a slower throwing pace than lighter weapons. This can also cause you to lose accuracy because you’re not using as much of your bodyweight to throw your spear. In addition, a heavier weapon will exert more pressure on your body than a lighter spear so it’s important that you keep this in mind when comparing spear points to drop points.