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Zero Tolerance Knife Co. is a high-end knife brand owned by Kai USA, headquartered in Tualatin, Oregon. Both Zero Tolerance Knife Co. and Kai USA are affiliates of the Kai Group, an international knife company.

These Zero Tolerance knives are made by Kai USA in Portland, OR. In addition to being the manufacturer of the knives, Zero Tolerance works with the metal forge and milling industries to produce high-end steel designs.

Kai is the world’s largest knife maker. The company’s product line contains knives that are forged and milled from high carbon steels. They are designed for utility, military, and survival applications. The blades of most models are made from CTS-15V stainless steel, which is considered one of the toughest steels on the planet.

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It also makes knives that are not forged but include blades made from premium grade carbon composites. While high quality materials contribute to the overall value and appeal of Zero Tolerance knives, the company has gone a step further by including a full set of accessories.

These accessory sets include an air knife (for opening bottles and cans), a small knife, and a large fixed blade knife. In addition, each of these knives includes a leather sheath.

Zero Tolerance 0606cf for Sale

When thinking of a knife consider the zero tolerance 0606cf which is for sale and in stock at many retailers. They are designed to meet the requirements of law enforcement and military personnel. Each knife has a safety lock to ensure that the blade is safely locked when it is not in use.

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For added protection, some models include a blade guard. The knives are also compatible with the Osprey Diamond blade system.

The knives are made in both right and left handed models. The right-handed versions can be purchased with a clip or have a flipper attached. These knives can be easily stored in a small hand bag or pocket.

And left-handed versions are available in a compact size and can also be worn as a clip. The Diamond model offers a sturdier feel than its left-handed counterpart and is more comfortable to hold.

When choosing a new knife, be sure to consider the products provided by Zero Tolerance knife. They offer the highest quality in pocket, utility, and duty knives. These knives are also sold at competitive prices, making them a wise investment.

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Zero Tolerance 302 and 301, 0606cf or 0301 knives can be found online for sale at a number of web sites who have them in stock. Choose a company that sells top-notch quality products at affordable prices.

Most stores offer free shipping for in stock items. You will find the same high quality and durability that are found in the store carried knives on these web sites. There are usually no exchange policies available on these products.

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Choose your favorite models and make sure that they are sold by a reputable dealer. Select the model whether it is 0301 or 300,  and make sure that it comes with a certificate of authenticity if its for sale. Make sure that you are aware of all shipping fees and any other fees that may apply. Read customer reviews about the different models before purchasing any items. With careful consideration you can find a great deal on reliable knives.