Wusthof Knives

The Wusthof cutlery line includes a large selection of different types of kitchen knives. They make all the essential knives for the kitchen. This includes the various carving knives, several types of paring knives, and the necessary boning knives. Over the years they have created a production line that has forty steps that are required to produce an almost perfect knife out of one sheet of stainless steel.

wusthof knives

These Are  My  Top Nine Knives

  • kershaw blur folding knife
  • benchmade 940 osborne design knife
  • spyderco endura 4
  • benchmade super steel barrage
  • benchmade 710 mchenry
  • spyderco delica plain edge
  • sog flash II knife
  • spyderco tenacious G10 combo
  • benchmade north fork

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Their Classic series is their top of their line and most often is selected number one in virtually any survey. Wusthof Classic knives have triple-rivet black polypropylene handles. The blades are made from carbon steel. The knife’s tang goes the entire length of the handle. This gives it great balance and also makes it extremely durability. The handles are secured to the tang by rivets.

Why Wusthof Knives?

Wusthof knives may not be for everyone. Some people interviewed noted that these knives were expensive, even though most felt the cost was very justified. In fact these knives almost always got the best marks when users were interviewed. They stated that they were easy to use and kept a fine edge, remaining sharp for an extended time. It is important to note that a knife edge that is sharp will be safer if you avoid careless use.

While cost is always a factor, it is good to remember that cost is one time thing and value is a long lasting benefit. The Wusthof knives have a lifetime warranty. This means that you will, most likely, not be getting new knives as you certainly will with cheaper ones. If that happens then the initial higher cost will look like an outstanding decision. If you also take into consideration the expense of sharpening the cheaper knives frequently, which causes them to wear out quickly then Wusthof knives, could actually be a bargain.