Which Breeds of Dogs Have the Most Aggressive Dog Behavior?

Any dog may develop most aggressive dog breeds under certain situation. However, certain dog breeds just naturally have a higher prey drive or just a shorter fuse. Some might consider these dog breeds to be even more aggressive, but that it is not the case; knowing aggression in dogs is essential. This will help you and your vet determine which aggression is normal for your particular breed.

Chihuahuas tend to be very territorial. Chihuahuas live in small places with strict rules of conduct. Chihuahuas are considered the most aggressive of all breeds of dogs. They tend to attack strangers, family members who do not conform to chihuahua standards, other dogs and cats, other dogs or objects that resemble or are perceived to resemble a rival breed, and anything else that scares them. If a Chihuahua is constantly being attacked, he needs to be taken to a certified veterinarians for treatment.

Bulldogs tend to be very dominant with or without aggression. Most bulldogs want to prove themselves as leaders. Being overly aggressive towards humans is one of the signs of a potentially violent dog. Some other signs of overly aggressive dogs include excessive barking, aggression toward other dogs, urination in areas other than the house, and digging (in any area). It’s important to note that a pit bull’s excessive barking may not always be due to aggression; sometimes pit bulls bark for attention.

Pugs are very maternal, almost to the point of being domineering. Their size and lack of exercise limit how many friends they can keep. Pugs tend to be friendly towards strangers, yet wary of strangers. This could mean that the pug is nervous around a potential friend or even an annoying stranger. As well, pugs’ pups often act out during potty training, so it’s important to be patient when potty training your pugs.

One of the most athletic dogs, the rhodesian ridgeback excels at agility and obedience. These dogs were originally bred as hunters and for years were used in dog fights. The rhodesian ridgeback’s greatest strength is its ability to excel in most activities. It has an extremely strong sense of smell which allows it to locate food even in situations where it’s hard to see. The rhodesian ridgeback also has a high prey drive, and like many others, is capable of protecting itself.

There are many other dog types and breeds. You should research the various breeds and personality types to decide what type of dog best suits your personality and lifestyle. Remember that just because a breed has aggressive behavior in the past doesn’t mean it always will. With proper socialization and training, you can have a great dog, with or without aggressive behavior. Good luck and congratulations!