Victorinox Swiss Army Knives – What Steel Does Victorinox Use?

Swiss Army knives have been around for over 100 years, but it is only in 1909 that Victorinox began making them. They quickly became a popular souvenir among soldiers, and their name and logo became a trademark for the brand. The company changed its name to Victoria in 1911 and started producing their own watches. They still use the same logo, which features a red shield and white cross. Despite the change of name, the Swiss Army knife retains its same quality.

As with other knives, Victorinox uses a high-carbon stainless steel standard in making its blades. This type of steel is better suited for making Swiss Army Knives because it contains 0.5% carbon. However, the exact composition of this metal is proprietary and is not advertised. In fact, it is known only from discussions and practical tests. Since the alloy is a secret, there is no concrete information available.

As far as materials go, Victorinox’s blades are made of martensitic steel, which is highly corrosion-resistant. Because of the heat treatment, they can be sharpened easily. The handles, however, are not as comfortable. They are typically fashioned out of wood or synthetic materials, such as Fibrox or rosewood. The handles are also made of a special kind of steel called X50 CR MOv 15.