The Benefits of Custom Tactical Knives

Custom Tactical Knives are some of the most sought after handguards and knife models in the market. The custom models are often handed down from one generation to another, from father to son or from grandfather to grandson.

Tactical knives are the perfect answer to building a collector’s item, keeping it current with the latest technology. Most custom models can be customized with an owner’s personal monogram, logo, text or a picture. They can also come in a scabbard, if the blade is not removable.

They were originally created for military use, used by members of the armed services for years before they were made available to civilians. They can be an extremely handy and versatile item to own. Tactical knives are one of the oldest and best known brands of modern tactical knives.


custom fixed blade knife


The Origin of  The Custom Tactical Knife

The name “Tactical” stemmed from the fact that these knives were designed for use in times of battle and war. Over the years, the name” Tactical” knives has been changed to more generic names, such as “Power Tool,” “encers,” “Knife,” and “Flash Steppers.”

With their popularity in the civilian world, many knife makers are trying to cash in on the tactical niche. Some high-quality custom tactical knives are ergonomically designed, making them a great choice for work or home.

These models usually feature a leather sheath. Other models are made of ballistic nylon, making them virtually indestructible in even the worst combat situation. Nylon sheaths offer more weight resistance than leather ones, which are often used in close quarter combat situations.

There are several different design types of modern tactical knives. One of the most popular is the fixed blade, which features a blade that is attached to the handle with a fixed, straight-edged blade. Some of the most popular fixed blade knives are the Bushnell Ranger knife, which has a two-bladed blade and comes with a steel cantilever tip.


Wusthof Tactical Knife Review

Another popular model is the Wusthof Tactical knife, which has a full-length handle and a blade that can be opened fully in a conventional manner. The Wusthof Classic knife is also a tactical model, featuring a blade that opens with a lockback.

Other styles of tactical knives include the spear fencer knife, which allows the user to attach a laser pointer or laser device to its handle. Some other popular models are the Wusthof Tactical pistol, the Wusthof Sport knife, the Kershaw Mountain knife, and the Kershaw Cricket knife.

In addition, there are many pocket knives that fall into the military or law enforcement category, such as the EDC knife, which is a single-blade pocket knife. These models are often carried by military and law enforcement personnel.

Because of their specialized design, most custom tactical knives are made to order in a special case or special ordered to accommodate the needs of the customer. Many high quality knives are made for special projects or to commemorate an event. They may also be given as gifts. Whatever the occasion, custom knives make an excellent choice.