Switchblade Vs Spring Assisted Knife

If you’re considering a switchblade or spring assisted knife, you might be wondering how they differ. Both look and feel similar, but they work very differently. While a switchblade’s blade is naturally inclined to open, a spring assisted knife’s blade requires some force to engage. This means that both types of knives require training and effort. Here’s a look at how these two styles differ.

The key difference between switchblades and spring assisted knives is how they deploy their blade. While both knives have automatic opening systems, switchblades are more likely to accidentally deploy when used without a proper grip. This causes additional legal problems and can be difficult to use in an emergency. Both types of knives also require extra steps to safely purchase and sharpen them. While they’re both effective in a self-defense situation, switchblades are illegal in most states.

Spring assisted knives can be more difficult to distinguish than switchblades, but there are some key differences between the two. First, a switchblade’s blade requires you to push it open a minimum of 20 degrees before it can be safely deployed. Secondly, a spring-assisted knife has a thumb hole, which allows you to push it open while you are holding it. Once you’ve partially opened the blade, the spring will take over.