Spear Point Vs Drop Point

In the modern military arena, every branch is employing some variation of the spear point vs drop point. When we think about throwing spears and shot with a bow and arrow, it is pretty clear that both are going to have their own benefits and pitfalls, but which one is best for defending you from close quarters battle or surprise attacks? One of the main arguments against using a spear is that it takes longer to shoot accurately and that you’re limited to throwing two points at a time. These two points are generally not all that accurate however, so eventually you’re going to get shot and your goal becomes defending yourself while you’re on your target. But is this always the best way to go?

The first thing to note when deciding whether to use a spear or a bow and arrow is that while they both offer some advantages for defense, they also have their drawbacks. For instance, while bows and arrows are generally more accurate than spearguns, they don’t have the same reach advantage and with today’s modern designs they can be difficult to draw and aim, making them poor choices as a defensive system. Spearpoint, on the other hand, can be extremely accurate, especially in a gunfight, but because it is carried over the body it doesn’t have to go through the motions of pulling the string like a bow. As a result, spearpoint tends to be a little bit harder to aim. However, if you’re up against a charging horse you want as much accuracy as you can get, and if you’re up against an opponent who has speared you and is just sitting there, Spearpoint works well.

The problem with spear point is that you never know where your attacker is, and even if you do hit him he might still be able to turn and attack again. It is very easy for a skilled archer to shoot spear point right out of the gun and cause an artery to burst, rendering whatever it hits useless for the remainder of the combat. Drop points, on the other hand, tend to have a lot more flexibility. They can be used to cover a lot more distance and pack a much greater wallop. This makes drop points excellent as a defensive measure against multiple opponents, particularly one who has spear or bow training.