Key Differences Between Switchblade and Spring Aided Knives

Among the differences between switchblades and spring assisted knives is the release mechanism. A switchblade works by rotating around its hinge. To open, a button on the blade releases the tension and the blade emerges at the top of the handle. The mechanism also has a variety of safety measures built in. Depending on the type of device, its use may be illegal in vehicles, public places, and other settings.

Regardless of the style of blade, there are some key differences between switchblades and spring assisted knives. Although switchblades require a full opening to open, spring-assisted knives do not. These differences make it important to understand the difference between them before purchasing one. Listed below are the key differences between switchblades and spring-assisted knives. The main difference between these two types is their mechanism.

Switchblades are automatic knives that open with a push of a button. They are not faster on the draw but can be more difficult to lock. A switchblade’s design requires a user to manually deploy its blade. However, this is an advantageous feature for people who regularly use a knife for self-defense purposes. A spring-assisted knife doesn’t require much effort. In addition, the switchblade is illegal in most states.