How to Use a Smith Knife Sharpening System

The most important step in sharpening your knives is to know how to use a Smith knife sharpening system. Before using the machine, it is important to apply the Premium Hone Solution. This solution is essential in the sharpening process. It floats away particles of the stone and metal that are removed during the process. After applying the solution, place your knife blade on the clamp and apply downward pressure. Don’t apply hard pressure or you risk damaging the knife or causing it to slip.

First, make sure to use the appropriate amount of pressure for the blade that is facing you. Generally, you should repeat this step four times. While sharpening, you should keep the angle of the blade as rigid as possible. Moreover, never apply too much pressure to the knife, as a single slip can cause severe cuts and injuries. You can also apply lubricant on the sharpening stone. But you should avoid applying too much lubricant because this can damage it.

When you sharpen your knife, it is important to use the correct angle and pressure. The Smith knife sharpening system features a diamond combination sharpener that is 1 inch long. The coarse and fine grit diamond texture makes the process quick and easy. The Smith knife is made for beginners and is not complicated to use. It is also user-friendly. Even the most inexperienced users can successfully sharpen their knives. It is important to be patient and do not rush the process.