How To Loosen A Swiss Army Knife

If you own a Swiss army knife, you probably want to know how to handle it and understand how to repair it. Here’s how to loosen a swiss army knife.


But did you know that you can really discover how to do both at the same time? That’s right, you can find out how to use your Swiss army knife in the right way and after that tighten it up the wrong way. And while this may seem impossible, it can be done.

The first thing you have to understand when discovering how to tighten up a Swiss army knife is that there are 2 different manages on the knife, and that they require to be loosened up in a different way.

The leading manage on the knife is what you are going to want to utilize to loosen the clip or the pin, while the bottom handle will do the tightening up. There specify ways to use each manage for the job. This way you will know how to loosen a swiss army knife.

Photo of  Swiss Blades

how to loosen a swiss army knife

To begin, remove the safety or anti-slip grip from the blade. It comes off easily in one smooth motion. Next, you will require to utilize the wire coat hanger to put the blade into the small notch on the bottom of the handle.

Working With  How To Loosen A Swiss Army Knife

Utilizing a percentage of pressure, you will be able to spin the blade around and quickly compress the deal with up until it is seated into the notch. You will then have the ability to grip the deal with and wind the blade back in place, while loosening up the other handle up until it too.