How to Close a TAC Force Knife

When you want to use your TAC Force pocket knife without having to fold the blade back regularly, you’ll need to know how to close the blade. To close the blade, grab the handle with your thumb and index finger. Press the spring that runs down the spine of the blade with your thumb. Use your index finger to pull down on the spring and the blade will close. Then, press the button again to open the knife.

In order to deploy the blade, you need to press the thumb stud or hole with your thumb. The flipper knife is similar, but you need to push down the metal part of the knife with your index finger. For both options, you need to close the blade by pressing down on the handle’s thumb. This should help you get a proper grasp on how to close a TAC Force knife. In the following sections, we’ll explain how to use both methods.

The TAC Force knives have two locking systems. In the first method, you need to press the cut-out with your thumb. Then, push in the blade with your index finger. Once the blade is in place, press down on the spring with your thumb. The second method uses the frame lock mechanism. A milled-out handle part runs through the knife’s spine, behind the hinged part. To close the TAC Force knife, you need to push the spring bar down with your index finger.