Gerber Strongarm Review – Best Review

There are few brands on the market today as trusted or sought after as Gerber Strongarm, here’s a Gerber Strongarm Review. Their line of tools spans a full spectrum of multipurpose tools that are designed to be tough, versatile, and reliable in any situation. This includes everything from pocket knives to multitools, and from tools designed for the outdoors to high-end, custom-designed tools for the kitchen.

No matter what the task, Gerber offers a solution, as their motto proclaims: “Innovation to Last.” The company continues to invest in their tools so that consumers can rely on them when they need them most.

A Gerber Strongarm is an efficient tool for nearly any purpose. The company’s lineup of tools has evolved over the years, staying ahead of the curve by constantly improving design and function. In order to keep up with technology, Gerber designed its strongest arm with a patented, multistage locking mechanism that guarantees the sharpest and most reliable blade ever made.


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A Closer Review of The Gerber Strongarm

The ever-changing military demands new tools, and Gerber’s commitment to excellence shows in their strong arms. Gerber’s Active Range knife is constructed from tough nylon for maximum durability and portability, and its stainless steel sheath makes maintenance easy and convenient.

The strongest arm is part of a multi-functional set of tools that make the strongest knife possible. These tools include an everyday carry handle, a belt clip, a mid-range fixed blade, and a heavy duty, fully lined blade. In addition to the stronger and protective pouch, Gerber also offers a rainproof carry handle and belt clips for safe, hands-free transportation of their products.

For utility purposes, the Gerber stronger arm is a remarkable tool, combining a powerful fixed blade with an easy to grip design. This remarkable tool can be used for anything from cutting firewood to opening cans and can even be used as a bait knife, allowing the user to fish out food or hide in a dense forest environment.

The Strongarm is also ergonomically designed, making it easy to hold and use. Its well balanced design makes it ideal for anyone who needs a large, durable knife in one hand. The tool is also extremely handy when a number of knives are needed for different tasks, allowing the user to quickly switch between them without taking their attention off of the task at hand.


3 Different Strongarm Blade Sizes

The Gerber Strongarm series includes three different sizes of blades, each with its own unique set of characteristics. The biggest size of the fixed blade knife is a fourteen inch fixed blade, making it ideal for all but larger jobs. A five-inch blade is great for smaller and more intricate tasks and will cut through medium size logs and other wood easily. The final size of the tool is a full tang, which will allow it to chop through anything that would be difficult to cut through with a regular butter knife.

While the full tang will cut through thicker materials than the other sizes, the fourteen-inch size is great for just about any job you need to get done. It is also ideal for carving and other hard material, making it one of the best knives on the market for your cutting needs.

The Gerber Strongarm features a full tang with a strong lock mechanism, making it safe to handle by any individual regardless of height. This is especially helpful for taller people, who may accidentally pull the knife out of their hands.

Finally, the blade has a safety edge on the butt of the knife, preventing accidental trips to the floor that could cause damage to your shoes or skin. In addition, the butt of the knife is designed to be comfortable for both the person holding the tool as well as the person in the outside environment, making the stronger one of the most comfortable knives on the market.