Gerber Knives And Tools

Gerber knives have been the top choice for many hunters and outdoorsmen for years, and their reputation continues to grow. In fact, the company’s high quality and excellent customer service have made them a perennial favorite among consumers. The Gerber knives have many positive qualities that have made them the best choice for professionals and enthusiasts. One of the most popular knives in the company’s lineup is the Gerber Hundred Spiker. This pocket knife has an all-steel blade that offers a long-lasting edge when used to cut down small animals and insects.

The Gerber knives are designed with their customers in mind. They are made with high quality materials and are great tools for the most demanding professional hunters and outdoorsmen. Gerber Legendary Blades knives are an American manufacturer of personal tools, multi tools, knives, and other utility tools headquartered in Tigard, Oregon, United States. Today, Gerber is part of the Fiskars Group, Inc., which owns the Fiskars brand of knives. Gerber knives are sold under several different brand names; however, the most famous is the Gerber Legendary Blades range.

The Gerber knives start with an idea to make a product that would last a lifetime. The company developed a few different models over the years, but the ultimate version was born in 1977. The knives have a rich history and are extremely popular, especially in Europe and Japan. The original models are ergonomically designed, easy to sharpen, and feature an ergonomic handle fit for an easy hold. The blade is precision heat treated and made using a high carbon high chromium stainless steel, making it durable enough to be used in any condition.

The original design was a simple clip point that has since changed to a more traditional pocket knife. In the past few years, the company has added many new innovations to the collection. The Gerber line now includes two kinds of folders, one with a traditional tip safety lockback, and the other with a drop point and full thumb stud. Many people prefer the safety lockback folder, as it prevents accidental injuries when opening the blade.

The Gerber drop point and high-quality stainless steel clip point knives are designed for utility, as well as for hunting and sportsman style use. The clip point has assisted opening for easy cleaning and the larger size can easily fit into the pack bag for added protection. The larger size also allows for a sturdier build.

The company further manufactures several specialty products, such as the New Improved Machetes, which is double-edged knives designed for use in activities including climbing, walking and running. There is also the multi-tools hatchet, a useful tool for woodcarving as well as for cutting firewood. The hatchet also makes an excellent machete. The other tools in the multi-tools hatchet family include a corkscrew, a knife, a ruler and a hammer. The hatchets all feature a lifetime warranty for product durability and a lifetime warranty on the blades.