Choosing Between a Spear Point and a Drop Point

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing between a spear point and a drop point. The first thing to remember is that a heavier spear will have more pressure on the user. Therefore, the weight of the spear should be compared to the weight of the drop point. You should also consider the strength of the steel of the drop point blade. Generally, the drop point is better for hand-to-hand fighting and is better for piercing.

A drop point knife is better for hunting because it has a curved spine. Its rounded edge makes it ideal for skinning animals. The drop point design allows you to use the entire blade instead of just the point. This prevents any damage to the meat. Its pointed edge is perfect for sharpening knives. However, you must remember that a drop point knife is much easier to handle than a spear point one.

Both drop and spear points are effective for cutting. The drop point has a softer tip and is better for piercing. Generally, the drop point has a broader base and a more pronounced point. A knife with a droppoint has an even surface. A sharper, more powerful blade is better for carving. The main difference between a spear point and a drop point is that a drop point is stronger than a spear point.