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Cool Pocket Knives 2021: Review

For the person looking to purchase an awesome and cool pocket knife in 2021 here is a run-down of what to look for and a review of the Cold Steel G-10 Espada Large folding knife, one to look out for this year.

Cold Steel G-10 Espada Large Folding Knife


  • Blade thickness: 4 mm
  • Handle: 6 3/4″ long. G-10
  • Overall length: 12 1/4″
  • Steel: Carpenter CTS XHP Alloy with DLC Coating
  • Blade style: trailing point

“Here at Cold Steel we’ve never been afraid to break with convention. For us function is always paramount. Our knives are made to work; and when it comes to knives, bigger is always better. That’s why when everyone else in our industry was making the smallest, flimsiest, dainty little knives that they could, we released a Series of blades that could only be classed as one thing – pocket swords! inspired by the classical Navaja knives of Spain, but utterly modern in both appearance and materials, these mega-folders became an immediate sensation! a design collaboration between celebrated custom knife maker Andrew DEMKO and Cold Steel PRESIDENT Lynn C. Thompson, the Espada Series are a perfect amalgam of Demko’s engineering genius and Thompson’s vast knowledge of edged weapons and tools.” Direct Quote


  • Fully polished G-10 grips
  • Highly polished aluminum bolsters
  • High-polished AUS 8A Steel blades
  • Sharpest knife out of the box
  • Quality is superior
  • Solid and sturdy knife


  • Clip is a little too tight but adjustable
  • Sharp, it can split skin without even feeling it

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Pocket Knives: Basic Facts in 2017

A tool which has pervaded centuries of history and social evolution, the pocket knife is by far the most resourceful tool you can easily carry around. Having developed astonishing multi-functional features, from the single-rigid blade up to the extremely well-conceived Swiss Army model, these knives have adjusted to man’s new lifestyle.


While the art of exquisite craftsmanship leads to brand new pocketknives models, for which styling is just as important as ergonomics, these are deeply rooted in ancient history. The Iron Age saw the creation and development of utilitarian tools and, while there was no such thing as a “pocket knife” notion, given that pockets were not a comprehensible concept in those times, the instrument itself was already shaping up.

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Military pocket knives represent the real boom trigger for the traditional model. The Victorinox Swiss Army pocket knife, which still enjoys great popularity today, brought a new era of significance for the widely acclaimed tool, paving the path for a significant make-over: from a hunting tool to a carry-on weapon.

Buck Pocket Knives

Initially known as a “folding hunting knife”, Buck’s lockback knife gained a great deal of popularity among sportsmen and soldiers, due to the wide array of tasks it was able to perform. Famous manufacturers like Bob Terzuola, Michael Walker and Warren Osbourne started developing the existing models and successfully turned the tactical pocket knife into an impressive tool. Brands like Kershaw, Gerber and Benchmade were next in contributing to the promotion of buck knives. And so it was that the vote of confidence was granted.

Nowadays, Buck knives range among the most sought after and popular models and are commonly called “tactical folder”.

Engraved Pocket Knives

Most pocket knives are especially customized so as to be easily associated with their owners. Engraving your EDC (every carry) is more than a trend, it is endowed with an impersonating function. Beyond ergonomics and aesthetics, engraving suggests belonging, which is what really makes a pocket knife stand out among traditional models.

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If you are considering a way to grant your pocket knife a special flair, mind that you can find several websites or shops which gives this kind of services, regardless of the brand or model you own. Engraved pocket knives can also represent an original gift for friends who are keen on camping, hunting or any outdoor activity.

Owning a pocket knife has long been part of men’s code. In present days, enjoy increasing popularity, which account for their role as indispensable everyday tools.

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