Best Pocket Knives

Hogue Grips X5 Folding Knife

Largest Pocket Knife Around

Finding the largest pocket knife around maybe a difficult thing to do but if you are looking for a knife with all the tools then the Wenger Giant is undoubtedly the largest one out there. The Wenger Giant is the world’s largest Swiss Army knife, packing 141 functions into 87 implements. At 9” wide and…

engraved pocket knives

Engraved Pocket Knives

Most pocket knives are especially customized so as to be easily associated with their owners. Engraving your EDC (every carry) is more than a trend, it is endowed with an impersonating function. Beyond ergonomics and aesthetics, engraving suggests belonging, which is what really makes a pocket knife stand out among traditional models. If you are…

camping tips for beginners

Camping Tips For Beginners

Top Camping Advice Every Camper Should Know Has it been a while since your last camping trip? Have you never been camping at all? Camping can be an extraordinary experience for anyone. Being in the great outdoors without worrying about work calls or listening to the television blaring allows you time to rejuvenate your mind…

good pocket knives photo

4 Secrets to Buying Good Pocket Knives

Quick Steps to Buying Good Pocket Knives Every-time What is the secret to buying good pocket knives?. How do we tell the good from the bad and the cheap crap from the expensive crap? Sometimes we get carried away by brand names or expensive stuff. We tend to think that all knives that are expensive have…

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