3 Tips to Long-lasting Kitchen Knives

kitchen knives

Here are 3 straightforward and simple tips that will allow you to have your kitchen knives give you a lifetime of service.

1. Do not cut anything on a surface that is not designed to be cut on. An unsuitable surface can damage your knives primary cutting edge. Use a proper kitchen cutting board only. A hard rock maple cutting board is the best.

2. When you are done with your cutting and chopping chores make sure that you wash your kitchen knives in hot soapy water and hand dry them with a lint free towel or cloth. Many people just throw the knives in the dishwasher and this is the worst thing you can do to your kitchen knives. The phosphates from the dish soap and the heat from the dishwasher itself will dull your knives primary cutting edges and destroy the grips of your knives as well knives guaranteed! Wash by hand only and be careful!

3. Don’t use any kind of abrasive powder or any type of scouring pad on your knives. There is absolutely nothing that can’t be cleaned off of your knives by hot water and liquid soap and a sponge or wash cloth. The abrasive powders and pads will only succeed in scratching the surface/profiles of your knives and in turn the abrasives will dull your primary cutting edge as well.

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A Good Chef Knife Is Important

chef knife

The use of a good chef knife is highly important in the kitchen. The comfort in hand, sharpness of blade, how long the blade stays sharp, and the balance in the hand are the right criteria. These are my opinions only, and may not apply to how they are used by another.

Whether you choose a Japanese blue steel chef’s knife or one made of a different material this knife will handle close to ninety percent of your cutting. One that has an eight to ten inch blade is perfect to get the job done and provide you with plenty of great ways to cut food in the kitchen. This is the perfect knife for chopping and dicing, but not for skinning meat or vegetables, there are other knives for that purpose.

Wusthof Classic 8 inch chef knife

I have had the Wusthof chef knife for 14 years. The first important thing about Wusthof Classic is that the handles are resin, and not wood. I am constantly cutting and chopping and washing the knives, though never in the dishwasher. Wood handles get dry and need oil, just a fact of life. I look for ease. This was a point in favor of Wusthof. Wusthof uses high carbon steel, which holds a sharp edge far longer than blades with a lower carbon content. With a little work, the knife keeps a good sharp edge and works perfectly. The Wusthof chef knife has better weight than any knife I had held before, also a solid point in its favor. It is relatively well balanced and has a full tang, meaning the steel extends the entire length of the knife, into the handle, where it is riveted in place.

Cutco 9.25 inch chef knife

About 3 years ago I bought the Cutco chef knife. First, it is far longer than most other chef knives. This is good when I am chopping a larger quantity of food, but generally it is just long. I am less accustomed to the length, so that is a minus. The weight or heft of the knife is light in comparison to the Wusthof Classic chef knife. It looks nice, but is less balanced in my hand. It does have full tang and the handles are riveted in place. It is a sharp knife, but the company wants it shipped to them for sharpening. This is nice, in the sense that one knows it will be sharpened properly. It is an aggravation to have to take the knife somewhere else. All in all not a bad knife, but not my first choice or recommendation.

Wusthof Grand Prix 7 inch Santoku

In 1998 the Wusthof Classic line did not have a Santoku knife, so I got the Grand Prix Santoku. It does not suit me well, though I use it occasionally. The Santoku blade has little wells cut into the blade, for the purpose of easy release of foods when chopping foods or carving meats. The Grand Prix line does not have the good weight of the Classic line, does not have full tang, and the blade has a straighter edge. For straight down chopping, this works fine. I do a lot of rocker chopping, using the tip of the knife as a pivot and coming down again and again. The Wusthof Grand Prix Santoku does not function well for this application.

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Global Knife Set

global knife set

Finding a set of knives that will offer functionality and durability can be extremely easy since you know the things that you should look for. The Global knife set is one of the best choices in the market today. This is an excellent culinary set for kitchens as they include the best features that amateur and professional chefs can work with.

Essentially, there are many aspects that make a certain set of knives remarkable. On the other hand, three of these exceptional aspects are adequate for a set of knives to be considered extraordinary. The knife set carries several features that you will find extremely beneficial for your culinary or everyday needs.

Global Knives Are Well Balanced

This is one of the most remarkable benefits that you can get from Global knives. The knives included in the Global knife set are carefully weighed to make sure that it can provide a wonderful balance on your hands. Aside from this, the design of the blades and the handles are perfectly made to ensure that both parts of the knives fit together. That being said, both the function and form of the knives completely work as one. These comfortable knives make a perfect choice for those who want both aspects to appear in their knives.

Made By A Reputable Company

The Global knives company has been in the market for several decades and continues to bring the best set of knives to people all over the world. Because of the company’s reputation in the market, it is one of the most trusted and reliable companies that can effectively cater to the needs of their clients. This in turn ensures you that you can have the best set of knives that you can use to accomplish your tasks.

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Wusthof Knives

The Wusthof cutlery line includes a large selection of different types of kitchen knives. They make all the essential knives for the kitchen. This includes the various carving knives, several types of paring knives, and the necessary boning knives. Over the years they have created a production line that has forty steps that are required to produce an almost perfect knife out of one sheet of stainless steel.

wusthof knives

Their Classic series is their top of their line and most often is selected number one in virtually any survey. Wusthof Classic knives have triple-rivet black polypropylene handles. The blades are made from carbon steel. The knife’s tang goes the entire length of the handle. This gives it great balance and also makes it extremely durability. The handles are secured to the tang by rivets.

Why Wusthof Knives?

Wusthof knives may not be for everyone. Some people interviewed noted that these knives were expensive, even though most felt the cost was very justified. In fact these knives almost always got the best marks when users were interviewed. They stated that they were easy to use and kept a fine edge, remaining sharp for an extended time. It is important to note that a knife edge that is sharp will be safer if you avoid careless use.

While cost is always a factor, it is good to remember that cost is one time thing and value is a long lasting benefit. The Wusthof knives have a lifetime warranty. This means that you will, most likely, not be getting new knives as you certainly will with cheaper ones. If that happens then the initial higher cost will look like an outstanding decision. If you also take into consideration the expense of sharpening the cheaper knives frequently, which causes them to wear out quickly then Wusthof knives, could actually be a bargain.


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